Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Lemming Lacquer Body Products

Hey, guys! It's been a little while since I posted any blogs... I have excuses, good ones, too... but suffice to say that I've just had life happening over here. All that aside, I want to tell you about a couple of things I've been using in my "quiet" time - and they're all from Lemming Lacquer today! If you've read my mani bomb blog then you already know how highly I regard Cassie's delectable fizzies. But what you don't know YET is how awesome some of her other hand and body products are.

I'm just gonna jump right in and drop some experience knowledge on ya.

First up:


This stuff right here is an absolute "keep one in your purse" (and everywhere else) kind of thing. I got my first bottle a little after Christmas and thought "oh, how nice..." but didn't immediately fully comprehend the magical serum I held. Now that I've been using it for a couple months, I honestly couldn't imagine not having a bottle on hand.

It's a brown sugar and fig scented little diddy and the scent is soft and faintly sweet without being overpowering. It's also moisturizing without being greasy. See, I started this new job (which I LOVE, BTW) and it's really important that my hands don't have a strong scent and that I don't risk dropping the goods. When you work with heavy, glass, scented candles all day, well... these are most definitely things you have to consider. If you don't work with candles it's still nice to have a universal hand cream that keeps you soft and smooth without the excess smelly stuff. (Time and a place, people. Time and a place.)

I also work with cardboard boxes (working through shipment) and as anyone who has ever worked with a lot of cardboard knows, boxes will zap your skin of all things good. I keep a bottle of this lotion in my apron and use it 2-3 times a day to keep my hands in the best possible condition. That being said (and true), it only takes a little bit and my 2 oz bottles are still going strong.

- My well loved and slightly waterlogged bottle... don't worry, yours will be original pretty. -

Beyond just me, my kid has really awful eczema. A lot of the heavy lotions we use for her scaly spots are greasy (obviously you already know this one isn't) and burn her. She really loves this one, though, because it doesn't make her clothes stick to her and it doesn't hurt. As a parent, I love that, too. I also love that it absorbs quickly but leaves a long lasting moisturized feeling.

So far, this is my favorite "got a dry spot?" lotion. I dole out tiny dollops for co-workers when they need a little something, I give my kid relief and I keep a bottle with my nail stuff because when I need to soften my hands but don't have the patience for cuticle oil, this stuff is there for me. So worth it.

Next Up:

If you know me at ALL then you know how I adore sugar scrubs. Or if you know me too well then perhaps you've tuned out all my talk and this is all news to you. Either way, Lemming Lacquer has recently released a very cool one.

It's freakin' cake scented. 

I personally think that LL has some of the absolute BEST scents out there as far as mani bombs go and this birthday cake scented scrub is definitely right on par with what I've come to expect. It's a whipped sugar scrub which means that it's lighter and fluffier than a standard dense sugar scrub. I happen to like both types, I think they both have their merits. 

I love the texture and consistency of this scrub. Like nearly every other oil infused scrub on the market, there is a little stirring necessary for best results, but that's the norm with these types of products. I usually just t use my finger since I'm gonna be using it to dip some out anyway. No harm there. This is light and soft and seems to be more gentle on the skin than some other scrubs I've used before. It doesn't seem to have the heavy oil base that some of my denser scrubs contain and that's actually okay. Like I said, each scrub has it's merits. It does mean that you don't get the "water beading off" effect that happens with some others, however you feel about that.

This is a great face scrub (because it doesn't have super heavy oils) and its also a great scrub for more sensitive skin since it has a softer texture. I typically follow this scrub up with the aforementioned body lotion and have found that they make a really awesome team. 

And let's just revisit that scent one more time. I said it smells like cake, right? It smells like cake. Okay, okay, I know not everyone likes cake (*gasp* weirdos) so just in case, there are a few other scents available and I guarantee you they're all just as wonderfully decadent (and would pair nicely with the soft presence of the body lotion up there...)

And last but certainly not least...


This little bottle of "more than meets the eye" isn't listed in her store as I write this... but soon. I was lucky enough to find this adorable friend in my most recent LL order and was initially a tad confused. I mean, what's "coulis" anyway, right? 

Everything I found via google said that coulis is a type of puree or sauce, something rich and thick made from fruits or veggies. In a way, this isn't at all different. Maybe it isn't a fruit or vegetable, per say, but it's good for you. Lemming's Cuticle Coulis looks (and is) thicker than the standard simple cuticle mix you typically find. It's definitely more of a "treatment" than a "oh, girl, you've only got 30 seconds for that shine to sink in" kind of thing, but I'm pretty positive that's how it was intended - to be a thick nail sauce.

I like to throw a little on right before bed after I've finished messing with my nails for the night. I even like to put a bit on my big toes (gotta keep the south end digits up to code, too, folks). Keeping your cuticles in shape is the whole purpose of this little guy. Don't let size fool ya.

In the grand scheme of things, it's a wonderful addition to an overall stellar line of hand and body care. It doesn't smell like cake, but a girl can forgive a simple, harmless transgression...


When theres so much to love about an indie brand - and so many sweet scents - maybe a little simplicity is in order. That... and I've always got my vanilla latte mani bombs.

In case you didn't know, the hyper links in this blog will take you right to where you can snag some of your own amazing Lemming Lacquer body products. I suggest you click away and see what you didn't know you needed. Because you definitely need it.

As always, thank for reading and have a WONDERFUL day!!

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