Friday, August 7, 2015


Hi, everyone!

As some of you know, I already have a blog (Tori Will Blog Again). Well, this one is a little different. You see, I have a passion for nail art. Apparently I've gotten pretty good at it in the last couple of years. I've been asked for a while now to start a blog or a YouTube "how to" channel or both, and I'm caving. Starting with *ta daaaaaa* this blog. (I haven't ruled out a YouTube channel, FYI)

My interest in nail art started when I was young. I was doing accent nails before they had a name. I'm not a nail tech, well, at least not yet, so the information that I will be posting in this particular blog will be based strictly on personal experience, opinion and, in all honesty, a lot of trial and error and internet research.

A little pertinent information about me:

I love indie polishes. This is extremely important because if you choose to follow this blog, the first real installment I plan to write is about the benefits of using indie polish and sharing the reasons why I am loyal to certain ones. I also love nail vinyls. I used to hand paint every nail art design, and I still enjoy breaking out the rudimental tools of the trade every now and then, but I will also be telling you all about my favorite (and least favorite) sites to find the best (and worst) nail vinyl so that you, too, can have everyone ask "are you SURE those aren't Jamberry?!?" Third... No. I don't use Jamberry. Maybe one day I'll hurt a lot of feelings and blog about why nail art is NOT the same as Jamberry and why anyone with a true passion for unique mani/pedis steers clear... but for the moment, suffice to say that I politely decline your party invitation.

Moving right along...

I have hundreds of nail polishes. Truthfully, I'd love nothing more to be able to be a swatcher for some of my favorite brands. Partly because they send you polishes before anyone else gets them and partly because I'd love for the nail community to see me as someone to aspire to. Okay, that sounds a little selfish... but in keeping with the honesty factor, I love nail art. And if there is a way for me to do what I love and some day be able to make a living from it as well... isn't that what they call "living the dream"?

I've learned a lot about a multitude of techniques and I have a wealth of tired and true information to share. Let's be honest... you can google techniques and blogs all day... but I hope that you at least give this one a shot. And if you have any specific techniques you'd like me to cover, please just ask! You can email me at

Help me live the dream, folks. And I'll help you get those fingers and toes looking magazine ready at a fraction of salon cost. ;)

Need a little convincing of my potential? Check me out on Instagram ---> tips_by_tori Click the follow button. You won't be sorry... I won't be sorry... It'll be great! Adventure (in nail art) awaits!

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